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Corporate Wellness


It is no secret to anyone that stress is a common factor across the workforce in the USA. In fact, statistics show that 83% of USA employees are affected by stress at and that companies lose in excess of 300 billion dollars a year because of stress related issues. Source: www.stress.org

 How would you like for your company to not be part of these statistics and what steps are you taking? 

Our corporate wellness programs are designed to help individuals work at their highest capacity, helping them manage and cope with the inherent stress of work, providing tools to reduce stress, to remember the joy of being part of a team and to increase the emotional flexibility needed to be successful.

Our programs main goal is to help companies reduce stress among their employees and leadership team. Less absenteeism, better teamwork and a less stressed team positively affect productivity and attendance, directly contributing to the company results.

What we offer:

·  1-1.5 Hours Basic Workshop

·  Half day Seminars

·  Full day Seminars

·  Retreats

We will tailor our program directly to your company and your needs, call us and we will be happy to asses and discuss with you what works best for you.

Fernando Arias


Fernando is the founder of Wellness Room Miami. Before that, Fernando was part of the Corporate World for over 30 years in the Logistics and Transportation industry. He worked for different multinational companies, held C level positions and is also a business consultant. Through his years in corporate, he became very familiar with the effects of stress in the workplace and its impact on results.

In addition, Fernando is a certified coach, meditation teacher and hypnotherapist among other complementary practices. He has conducted and participated in multiple corporate wellness events and is president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Miami chapter.

Fernando’s deep understanding of business and the corporate culture coupled with his passion for complimentary practices, allows him to address and properly interact at all levels within organizations: business owners, corporate executives and employees; understanding what they go through and offering evidence based tools and practices to help them reach their goals.


Fun facts:

What is your favorite dessert?

FA: Tiramissu

What is your favorite vacation spot to relax?

FA: Sanibel FL

If you had a superpower what would you like it to be?

FA: Teletransportation

Estefania Mas


Estefania is a graduate professional with a Masters Degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University. She fell in love with the Spa world and everything related to relaxation. Since then, Estefania has been involved in Mind-Body practices for Stress Management. 

Estefania is a Certified Yoga Therapist. She focuses on Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness for health and wellbeing. She participated in a Yoga Therapy Clinical Program at Aum Home Shala and attended a 10-day silent Meditation program. 

Estefania has been leading in person and Virtual Meditation sessions and seminars on Mindfulness at several Corporations, including Hotels, Tech Companies, Medical Offices and Accounting Firms for more than 3 years in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. 

Other studies include the Therapeutic benefits of Meditation and Yoga Nidra with Ayurvedic Clinicians and Psychologists, Sound, Breathing and Meditation, Advanced Pranayama/Breathing techniques. 


Fun facts:

What is your favorite dessert?

EM: Warm Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

What is your favorite vacation spot to relax?

EM: A quiet place

If you had a superpower what would you like it to be?

EM: Snap my fingers and turn sadness into happiness