REIKI CIRCLE & MEDITATION. Tuesdays 7:30 pm Free event

7340 Southwest 48th Street, Miami, Florida 33155, United States





July 14th,  10:30am to 5:30 pm  

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The most common first effect of Reiki is a deep state of relaxation, which is key to healing.

During this training you will learn:    

• What is Reiki   

• The History of Usui Reiki   

• The Five Reiki Principals   

• Hand Placements for Self-Healing and for Healing Others   

• Chakras and Reiki   • Reiki Level I Attunement   

• Hands on practice and more   

• A Certificate of Completion and Reiki Connection Miami’s Training Manual    

Please bring a light lunch. Water, tea, and snacks will be provided.   

Instructed by Fernando Arias, Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years of experience.

July 14th  10:30 am to 5:30 pm 


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Harness your Healing Power


July 17th 7:30 pm 

 Do you ever feel blocked, overwhelmed or anxious? Are you ready to harness your innate healing power to release, transform and create a new mindset and energetic body?

Join Us For An Intimate Gathering Where You Will Learn HOW To Activate Your Inner Shaman And Connect To The Miraculous Being That You ALREADY Are. In This Class You Will Learn To Use Mindfulness Meditation, Process Pain, Heal With Minor Effort, Maximize Your Breath Capacity, Create Heart Coherence, Strengthen Your Intuition, And Balance Your Seven Major Chakras.
In this class you will learn: 
1. The Science Of Healing, and Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation.
2. How To Re-Set Your Nervous System To A State Of Conscious Clarity And Calm to Create A Physiological State That Induces “Major Healing With Minor Effort” Within Minutes.
3. How To Release And Process Emotional And Physical Pain, Tension And Stress In The Body With Science-Based, Easy And Functional Strategies For Everyday Life.
4. How To Maximize Your Breathing Capacity And Optimize The Bio-Mechanics Of Respiration To Increase Oxygenation To Your Cells For Optimal Vitality, Mind-Body Healing, And Energy Flow.
5. How To Create Heart Coherence And Feel Balanced And In Harmony In Body, Mind And Soul Throughout Your Day And In Relationships.
6. How To Strengthen Your Intuition, And Innate Body Wisdom Connection So That You Are Functioning From A Place Of Being Your Own Best Friend And Cheerleader Instead Of Hurting Yourself Or Being Hard On Yourself.
7. How To Balance, Clear And Energize All 7 Major Chakras/Endocrine Glands

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat. July 17th 7:30 pm 


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July 25th, 7 pm 

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique that utilizes hypnosis so you might directly remember or relive experiences from past lives.

Through hypnosis and deep relaxation, we will access the subconscious mind allowing it to activate and take a more predominant role. 

While under hypnosis, you can remember everything from any time. You can be an active participant feeling the emotions, fully reliving the experience in all detail or be there as an observer, as if watching a movie. While in trance you can also visit the in between estate, where you might see yourself as what you are: a Soul learning different lessons through different incarnations. People can meet guides or loved ones in this state and report back on conversations or messages received at Soul level. 

While under hypnosis you are in control all the time and you control the process. The person conducting the hypnosis is only a guide to get you there.

Join us for this trans-formative experience guided by Fernando Arias. Fernando is a Certified Past Life Regressions Therapist, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and Carole Weiss. 

$35 early bird

$40 at the door

Space is limited.

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Advanced Chakra workshop for Reiki practitioners


 July 27th 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm 

As Reiki practitioners we are often looked after to help individuals balance their energy and chakras. Are you ready to take a deep dive and learn more about the relation between Reiki, chakras and the energetic body to better help your clients who come to you for help in balancing them?
If so, then this unique workshop created by a Reiki Master for Reiki practitioners of any level is for you.
We will cover among other subjects: Chakras, related organs, glands, emotional and physical issues, meridians and nadis. There will be hands on practice and a lot more. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Instructed by Fernando Arias.  He is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Holistic Wellness

and Weight Loss Coach, Past Life Regressions Therapist (trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and Carole Weiss), Akashic Records consultant and meditation practitioner and teacher. In addition, Fernando is the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Miami-Coral Gables chapter. 


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July 31st,  7:30 pm 


 La regresión a vidas pasadas es una técnica terapéutica que utiliza la hipnosis para poder recordar o revivir experiencias de vidas pasadas. En estado de hipnosis y relajación, accederemos a la mente subconsciente, permitiendole a esta activarse y asumir un papel más predominante.
Mientras se esta bajo hipnosis, se puede  recordar todo de cualquier momento. Se puede recordar como un participante activo sintiendo las emociones, reviviendo completamente la experiencia con todo detalle o estando allí como observador, como si estuviera viendo una película. Mientras se esta en trance hipnotico, también se puede visitar el estado intermedio, donde puede verse a sí mismo como lo que es: un alma aprendiendo diferentes lecciones a través de diferentes encarnaciones. En este estado las personas pueden llegar a reunirse con guías o seres queridos y recordar las conversaciones o los mensajes recibidos.
Mientras se está bajo hipnosis, la persona tiene el control todo el tiempo y controla el proceso. Quien  realiza la hipnosis es solo un facilitator y guía para llegar allí.
Únase a nosotros para esta experiencia transformativa guiada por Fernando Arias. Fernando es un terapeuta certificado de regresiones de vidas pasadas, formado por el Dr. Brian Weiss y Carole Weiss.
$35 pre venta / $40 en la puerta


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August 5th, 7:30 pm 

Breathwork is a healing and meditative process that is meant to be used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t easy to get to on the surface. It is a powerful self-exploration journey to the inner world. The process will put an individual in an expansive state of consciousness to access the inner healer, detect blocks and patterns that lie in the body, and discover all the inner workings that need attention. Breath helps us release unnecessary energy from the body. The process itself is very simple, it is done lying on a mat with the eyes closed, breathing in and out from the mouth. It is a special setting and space with evocative loud music playing throughout the process. No two session are ever the same!


Breathwork gives us the opportunity to go within and access the parts of ourselves that needs attention. Many things can come up during a session that may be difficult to comprehend. One can have experiences that may need some clarity. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to experience a Breathwork session and have time after to integrate and put meaning to your own individual experience.

Guided by Gina Avellan

Thai mats, blankets, eye covers, snacks and tea are included.


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more events just for you



August 14th 7:30 pm   

Sound Meditation with Crystal Bowls 

“Musical medicine that awakens and heals the Spirit!”

The body is your temple and is made up of energy and a network of vibrational fields vibrating at different frequencies. 

Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy helps to open, clear and balance the entire chakra system and re-energize the auric field, making healing possible on all levels. It is a beautiful ceremony of sounds, meditative and mystical musical journey that helps you to completely let go of your stress and day to day worry so you can receive a re-alignment to your entire energetic body using powerful sound vibration.

Sound therapy has been used for thousands of years to keep illness out of the mind, body and spirit. The sacred sounds can also open you up to a path of spiritual awakening and ultimately re-connect you with your divine essence.

Experiencing a sound meditation is like getting a vibrational massage, one that is felt all the way down into the cellular level with the various frequencies working from the inside out and help elevate the body’s cells to a super-healing state. You will feel this powerful shift within as your cells become more awakened and alive.

Come experience how you can reactivate your healing pathways with sound therapy. This experience will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, peaceful, and more in alignment with who you truly are.


Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Up to two weeks prior to the event: 75% reimbursement

Between 2 and 1 week prior to the event 50% reimbursement

1 week or less prior to the event and no shows: No reimbursement

Thank you for your understanding





Join us every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm  FREE EVENT

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The most common first effect of Reiki is a deep state of relaxation, which is key to healing.

Come join us for our next Reiki Circle and Meditation, guided by Fernando Arias ( Reiki Master with over 20 years of experience).

No previous experience is needed.

Parking is free in front of our building