Hypnotherapy Certification starts Feb 28th

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Group hypnosis


During this group hypnosis session, you will choose one topic you want to address, one of our hypnotists will help you building effective suggestions, you will be gently guided into hypnotic trance through a relaxation exercise, the suggestions will be delivered and at the end you will feel relaxed, refreshed and empowered.

Limited to only 8 people.



 Hypnotherapy Certification with IMDHA 220+ hours

To become an IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist through Wellness Room Miami you need to complete a minimum of 220 hours of training (80 of these hours coming from the Hypnosis 80+ course) , practice and pass the required exams by both: Wellness Room Miami and IMDHA with the minimum passing grade being 80%Wellness Room Miami is an approved school by the IMDHA and Dr Monica Dahl and Fernando Arias are both approved hypnotherapy teachers with IMDHA.

Sep 2020





Monday March 16th 7:30 pm  


Breathwork is a healing and meditative process that is meant to be used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t easy to get to on the surface. It is a powerful self-exploration journey to the inner world. The process will put an individual in an expansive state of consciousness to access the inner healer, detect blocks and patterns that lie in the body, and discover all the inner workings that need attention. Breath helps us release unnecessary energy from the body. The process itself is very simple, it is done lying on a mat with the eyes closed, breathing in and out from the mouth. It is a special setting and space with evocative loud music playing throughout the process. No two session are ever the same!

Thai mats, blankets, eye covers, snacks and tea are included.

Guided by Gina Avellan




March 15th, 10:30 am to 5:30 pm 

R­­­­­­­eiki is a Japanese healing technique that works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The most common first effect of Reiki is a deep state of relaxation, which is key to healing.

During this training you will learn: 

• What is Reiki 

• The History of Usui Reiki 

• The Five Reiki Principals  

• Hand Placements for Self-Healing and for Healing Others 

• Chakras and Reiki • Reiki Level I Attunement 

• Hands on practice and more 

• A Certificate of Completion and Reiki Connection Miami’s Training Manual 

Please bring a light lunch. Water, tea, and snacks will be provided. 

10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Instructed by :

Fernando Arias: Founder of Reiki Connection Miami and Wellness Room Miami, Reiki Master with over 23 years of experience, Certified Akashic Readings Consultant, Certified hypnotherapist. He is an active member of IMDHA, and a meditation practitioner and facilitator.




Join us every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm  FREE EVENT

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The most common first effect of Reiki is a deep state of relaxation, which is key to healing.

Come join us for our next Reiki Circle and Meditation, guided by Fernando Arias ( Reiki Master with over 20 years of experience).

No previous experience is needed.

Parking is free in front of our building 

Akashic Records LEVEL 1 with Lorraine Meyer



Feb 22nd 10 am to 6 pm  

In Level I: Course participants will learn a practice that allows them to connect to their Akashic Records at any given time and location. The exercises in this class are designed to assist the participants in accessing and using their own Akashic Records for a variety of reasons including; gaining new perspective on life issues, releasing old patterns and receiving inspiration.

In this class you will learn the Original, Sacred Prayer used to access our Akashic Records.

Upon completion of this intensive class you will have the knowledge to:

• Access your Own Akashic Record.

• Use a tool that will forever be a source of profoundly illuminating growth, insight and guidance.

• Identify and track patterns that no longer serve you, find the origin of these patterns and how to shift them.

• Ground yourself and live your life with an open heart. Contact ancestors and loved ones.

• Retrieve information regarding any given event in the past, present or possible future.

• Gain insight regarding familiar and unfamiliar subjects

Level I Seminar: $200 Includes Workbook and a copy of Akashic Records ONE TRUE LOVE by Gabrielle Orr. 

Akashic Records LEVEL 2 with Lorraine Meyer



Feb 23rd 10 am to 6 pm 

 Level II:  Course participants will learn a practice that allows them to connect to the Akashic Records of others.In this class you will learn the Original, Sacred Prayer given to us especially for this purpose and well as various techniques to assist you in sharing a sacred connection between your client and their Masters, teachers and loved ones.
 *Skillfully give readings for others.  
 *Find the origin of your "client's" health issues, patterns and challenges and how to assist them in creating a more beneficial        outcome.  
 *Align, balance and uplift others through the Spirit of the Akashic Records.  
 *Work from a space of unconditional love and compassion, which will act as a great blessing to you as well as those you serve.  
 *Learn how to channel the information received vibrationally, through your 4th chakra, rather than only using words.

Level II Seminar:   $250 Includes Workbook 
Required Reading: Akashic Records ~ One True Love by Gabrielle Orr & Participants must have Certification in AR Level I