Hypnotherapy Certification starts Feb 28th

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Why should I consider hypnosis?

If you are interested in looking for a new perspective from within, to find solutions to self-sabotaging, negative or limiting beliefs or to create a sense of peace and harmony that allows you to better tackle challenges in a positive manner, hypnosis could be a great tool for you.

What is Hypnosis?

It is a natural state that we undergo frequently if not daily, but goes unnoticed. It is not what we see in the movies.

Is it safe?

Yes, there is no danger in Hypnosis. You cannot get stuck, you are in control all the time while under hypnosis and no, you will not disclose anything that you don’t want to disclose or do anything that goes against your principles.  

How does it work?

While under hypnosis, the individual conscious mind and body are relaxed, while the subconscious mind is in a heightened state of activity allowing for all memories stored in it to come through and to receive the applicable positive suggestions.

Am I sleep while under hypnosis?

No. You are not asleep, you are fully capable of talking, moving and in control. You are in a relaxed and enhanced state of focus.

Some conditions that might be treated with Hypnotherapy: 



Anger Management



Eating issues



Sleeping issues

Medical procedure anxiety


Public Speaking

Relationship issues

Self Esteem

Smoking Cessation


Weight Loss

For some of these conditions, a professional medical referral might be required.


Hypnotherapy sessions with Fernando Arias

Through hypnotherapy you can often identify or resolve issues that take a long time in traditional therapy in one or a few sessions.  Bypassing the critical faculty of the conscious mind and working with the subconscious makes it a much faster process. Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis and it is not intended to replace medical diagnoses or treatments. It works as an adjunct form of therapy to conventional medicine.  Using  guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention the individual can bypass the critical faculty and find a new perspective. 

Past Life Regressions with Fernando Arias

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique that utilizes hypnosis so you might directly remember or relive experiences from past lives. Through hypnosis and deep relaxation, we will access the subconscious mind allowing it to activate and take a more predominant role. While under hypnosis, you can remember everything from any time. You can be an active participant feeling the emotions, fully reliving the experience in all detail or be there as an observer, as if watching a movie. While in trance you can also visit the in between estate, where you might see yourself as what you are: a Soul learning different lessons through different incarnations. People can meet guides or loved ones in this state and report back on conversations or messages received at Soul level. 

Classes in person and online (coming soon) with Monica Dahl and Fernando Arias

Hypnosis 80+ hours

During this 80+ hours master class you will receive the information necessary to practice hypnosis in an effective manner and in accordance with the law.  You will be educated on how to safely, ethically, legally and professionally practice hypnosis. During this hands on class, you will be introduced to what is hypnosis, myths and facts about hypnosis, the history of hypnosis, the importance of the intake, pretalk and creating rapport, trance induction, deepening methods and testing, delivering suggestions, emerging, dealing with abreactions, hypnosis and the law and much more so that you can confidently practice hypnosis from day one. This 80+ hours master class apply towards the 220 hours hypnotherapist certification with IMDHA. Wellness Room Miami is an approved school by the IMDHA and Dr Monica Dahl and Fernando Arias are both approved hypnotherapy teachers with IMDHA.

Hypnotherapy Certification with IMDHA 220+ hours

To become an IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist through Wellness Room Miami you need to complete a minimum of 220 hours of training (80 of these hours coming from the Hypnosis 80+ course) , practice and pass the required exams by both: Wellness Room Miami and IMDHA with the minimum passing grade being 80%

Advanced Hypnotherapy: 300 hours 

For an advanced Hypnotherapist designation you need to complete an additional 80 hours to the hypnotherapist certification. Here you will be instructed on further techniques to expand your knowledge including past life regressions and clinical practice. You will also be exposed to esoteric applications of hypnosis and much more.  


Fernando Arias


Fernando started Wellness Room Miami after being a part of the corporate world for over 30 years. Fernando’s passion for the holistic healing arts, business acumen and realization that there was a need for a space where people and practitioners could access different holistic modalities and build community under one roof, in a comfortable, professional and relaxing environment. Those were the foundations for Wellness Room Miami to be opened. Fernando trained completed his training with Dr. Bryan Weiss in Past Life Regressions and is a certified hypnotherapist. He is an active member of IMDHA, a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, teaches meditation, conducts corporate wellness events and is President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Miami-Chapter. 

Monica Dahl



Monica Geers Dahl is a licensed mental health counselor(MH13153) in Florida, with a doctor of education (Ed.D.) in counseling psychology from an accredited school.  She has membership in several professional organizations:  the American Counseling Association (ACA), life member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), and has been an approved educator for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) since 1994.  In 2002, she was recruited to provide hypnosis for family members of the American Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.  IMDHA awarded her 2010 Educator of the Year, 2013 IMDHA Life Fellowship Award in Hypnotherapy, 2017 Life Diplomat in Hypnotherapy and in 2019 she was awarded life membership.