Our practitioners

Fernando Arias: Owner

Fernando was first introduced to Reiki in Mexico City, Mexico while he was working there for a Multinational Company, over 22 years ago. He always knew there was more than the corporate

environment and while he practiced amongst friend and family since 1995, it was not until 20 years later that he decided to pursue his Master/Teacher level and dedicate more of his efforts to sharing the beauty of Reiki with others outside his immediate family and close friends. It only took a few years of Fernando seeing what amazing results his clients were getting and the feedback from his students for him to make the decision to leave the Corporate world to start a holistic wellness Center. That is how Wellness Room Miami came to light; through Fernando’s passion for the healing arts, a realization that there was a need for space where people and practitioners could access different holistic modalities and build community under one roof in a comfortable, relaxing, environment. In addition to Reiki, Fernando is a certified Akashic Readings Consultant and a Body Talk access technician.

Mariana : Yoga Basics


Mariana Montero yoga journey began in 2010 and she has not stopped since. Yoga changed her life, she found a way to reconnect with herself, her mind; and most importantly she found peace and a place of free movement without judgment. In 2014 she decided to pursue her teacher training in Vinyasa in hopes to share the love and acceptance within yoga. She enjoys a variety of yoga styles such as hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa and anusara, allowing her classes to have fun creative sequences along with an anatomical foundation, a non-judgmental teaching style and a compassionate philosophy. She continues furthering her education and has completed her 300 Advanced Teacher Training. 

And has also trained under the guidance of Kathryn Budig, Cyndi Lee (Restorative Yoga), Manju Jois 

( Ashtanga ), Elena Brower & Peg Mulqueen (Mentoring)  and David Keil (Anatomy). 

She is certified in Yoga for Scoliosis, Restorative, Meditation, Injury Prevention and AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer. Yoga Alliance E-RYT200, RYT 500 and YACEP

Currently pursuing a Bachelor In Religious Studies.

Gina : Breathwork


Gina Avellan is a Breathwork practitioner that helps people achieve personal transformation via the simple practice of getting them to breathe a specific technique.

This gift comes from her own personal journey in career and personal development. Work pursuits resulted in her obtaining an MBA and eventually a position in surgical robotic medical sales supporting surgeons in the operating room. Personal growth caused her to gain wisdom and proficiency in a number of healing modalities. Gina ties together spiritual and physical health with an understanding that this only comes from deep inner work and care and feeding of the spirit and the body.

She is certified as a Health Coach, Reiki level 1 practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator. This unique collection of skills has allowed her to emerge as a dynamic healer who is able to support those in their own quest for mindful living and personal expansion.

Ivi Joy : Sound Healing

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Ivanna was born in Japan, grew up in Mexico, recently became a US citizen, and is a world traveler. She has 14 years of experience in the communication and entertainment industry. 11 years as a reiki practitioner, and almost two years now walking and sharing the healing and enlightening path of sound vibration with Tibetan bowls and other instruments.

She believes that we all have the power and all the resources to heal ourselves. In her own words “Being spiritual is a lifestyle where we are awake and aware of who we are and what we are here for, and our self-experience is our greatest teacher”.


Marjorie : Bodytalk

.Born and raised in a small town in France in a family of Naturopaths, Marjorie grew up close to nature in a health conscious environment. When she moves to Miami in 2002, her initial interest in fitness and health eventually leads her to holistic studies. 

She discovers Flower Essences and their emotional healing properties when becoming a Holistic Wellness Practitioner in 2013. They will become her best allies through her own healing and soul searching journey. Passionate about the connection between emotions and health, she wants to deepen her knowledge of the Bach Flower Remedies and the philosophy behind them: she takes it at the source and pursue her studies at the Bach Center, in England. She becomes a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in 2017.

Throughout her journey, Marjorie experiments with all kinds of holistic modalities. She soon comes across BodyTalk, a consciousness-based health care system designed to re-establish the communication links within the bodymind complex. Fascinated by this gentle yet powerful new approach to healing, she starts studying it in depth in 2016. She becomes a certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2018.

Today, Marjorie thrives in sharing her two passions with the world. She encourages others to become their own best friend and take responsibility for their own health through the art of Flower Therapy, and helps repair stress damages by restoring harmony within the mind, body and spirit with BodyTalk. 

Lina : Hypnotherapy

Lina M. Collazos, C.Ht.  

Healing Your Own Life One Session at a Time 

Discovering her own inner power and divinity through hypnosis and reiki inspired Lina to pursue a career in holistic healing. She serves the community by promoting positive thought patterns and self-love as it is her experience that both can mend body, mind and soul. As a hypnotherapist she specializes in the areas of trauma, abuse/addiction and autoimmune disorders. 

She kindly reminds all of us that we are creatures born to evolve through constant pursuits of knowledge and experience and as such we can start our day, week or year over whenever we want. Her goals include spreading universal peace, one healed life at a time. Her 10 year plan includes opening a school for hypnosis, being a published author and founding a NPO for Fibromyalgia. 

As a writer, muse and Nichiren Buddhist Lina can usually be found creating something awesome at locally owned café’s, the studio or the mystical jungle of Coconut Grove, FL. Her passion for self-fulfillment in the creative and entrepreneurial realms push Lina to inspire others in the same way her community inspires her. 

Her greatest wish is to embody the reality of her own philosophy: Live in Light and Love will always find you.